Can roaming in Petra at night on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week and is the of a new tourist pattern to red-rose city tourists and visitors, breaking weather deadlock daytime, and gives more surprising and glow of the city carved in the rock, as an addition the quality of tourism in the city, which was chosen as one of the Seven wonders in 2007.

A visit to the city at night to light candles and dim lighting and the rhythms played accompanied with beautiful Rababa and carries with it a new character in the tourism, which is no longer silent or merely take notes on the potential location and stones, and thus complete the elements of the scene image, voice and touch.

And Petra at night, or so-called foreign tourists (petra by night) have a special charm; which includes tourists program in Petra to visit the site at night, starting from the entry gate to Petra, and it passed the siq until arrival at the Treasury.

And permeate the way that take an hour back and forth lit candles lend atmosphere charming to tourists along the road.

Once up the tourists to the site even louder voices of their emotions and impressed in the treasury , then they sit on the ground with silent for long moments waiting for to start piecesof music with of the Rababa musician who set in the middle and playing for them from the ancient heritage and Arabic singing, and to start playing even echoed between the walls of the treasury in Amid the silence of those present and enjoyment of audio and video,by history presence of geography.


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